Guild Business: 

  1. By Laws discussion on redoing the BY Laws . There has not been a update for at lease twenty years
  2. Storage of the SVLG  Stuff ( tools and things that been used for Guild Special events)
  3. Participation for the  fourth July Jr Rodeo
  4. July Meeting Cancelled
  5. BBQ set for Aug Meeting
  6. Discussions of a new meeting place


  • Item 1 Updating the By-Laws 
  • Timeline: Draft to be presented at the next Guild Meeting
  • Reason: To bring the By-Laws up to date, there has been no changes to the law for at least twenty years
  •  Action Item: Assigned to Ron Moody and Debbie Anderson to review and to make recommendations on changes


  • Item 2  Storage of the SVLG Stuff
  • Timeline:  None
  • Reason:  John M need help with storing some of the things that the guild has been using for the Special events .
  • Also Bruce has ask that a small file cabinet (2 draw) be included in the move. The cabinet contains Guild Patterns that need to be reviewed and cataloged
  • Action Item: Ron Moody has offered to help with the storage of the stuff


  • Item 3 Participation for the  fourth July Jr Rodeo
  • Time Line   July 4
  • Reason:  Looking for Participants to run the booth 
  • Action Item: Bill , John, Ron and Mitch will be running the booth this year at the Rodeo 


  • Item 4 - July Meeting Cancelation
  • Time Line  none
  • Reason:  problem with getting the Club house for this months meeting
  • Action Item:
  • Look for a new place for the meeting to held
  • Move the BBQ to Aug meeting
  • Item 5 - BBQ set for Aug Meeting
  • Time Line  Aug 28
  • Reason: Because of the issue with getting the clubhouse in July the board has move the BBQ to he Aug Meeting .
  • This meeting will be at the Clubhouse
  • Action Item:  Henry to cook all the meat, need to set up calls for Potluck 
  • Item 6 - Discussions of a new meeting place
  • Time Line : Soon
  • Reason:  For years the Guild has been using the Club house which is part of Art and Margy's home owners package.
  •  It's sad to say this but after 20 years , Art and Margy have decided to retire from  the Guild . Margy has said that we can still use the Clubhouse as long as she is around . 
  • Action Items:  
  • Bill's has asked if the group could use the couch house at Folger Stables and the response was positive but depending on the schedule permits   place is located in Woodside
  • Debbie has offered her basement  for some meetings, San Jose
  • Ron has offered his house for meeting, San Jose 
  • Janet has offered her workshop in Hollister